Two weeks until I begin phase one of my New Brunswick residency Esemplastic Landing.

I start in Sackville: three weeks of romping around the campus, the marshes, the fields, and mudflats. Send me your ideas of where I should roam on the contact form at the bottom of the page), or visit Esemplastic Landing’s page to leave a comment.




I made my last excursion to Europe with Chouinard recently! So it may have been my last trip to the eastern West for quite some time–who knows? I am, however, off to China–for my final Chouinard tour as a permanent dancer of the company–in four days!

I danced Soft Virtuosity @ Festival d’Avignon in the amazing Cour de Lycée Saint-Joseph. It was incredible to see the projections — our “grande fresque” — on the stone wall of the school and to feel the night sky above us as martins screeched. There is such intensity of feeling in Europe right now –palpable in the audiences before whom I performed, and with whom I sat at shows, following the horrific event in Nice.

We continued to Madrid where we were privileged with a private visit to the Bosch exhibit at the Prado in advance of our performances of the new work, HIERONYMUS BOSCH: THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, at the Veranos de la Villa festival, and afterwords in ‘s-Hertogenbosch proper for Bosch500 Festival. The piece  (boom!) is a triple-decker joy to dance — three flavours of it. Here, as usual, are my tits:


Me and my pal Leon Kupferschmid (Photo: Nicholas Ruel)


July 9th, 2016, a second showing of Vivarium with Paige Culley, Patrick Conan, and Noémie Avidar for a small group of invites. Dorian Nuskind-Oder graced us with her cinematic presence, and Emily Gan shot some wonderful stuff. We are gearing up for a year of deep body composting and pre-pupational wiggling. More to come!


Vivarium (photo by Emily Gan of Noémie Avidar, Lucy May & Paige Culley)


I’ll be co-directing and choreographing a video tomorrow with Cameron MacLean (also known for Vesuvio Solo) for his upcoming album release on banko gotiti (North America) and atelier ciseaux records (Europe).


I am incredibly excited to develop a solo performance practice in Sackville, New Brunswick this fall. Esemplastic Landing is a nomadic outdoor research project…more to come!


Lucy experiments “kinetic field recording” in Vermont ~ photo by Claire May


Just two more shows in France after a marathon tour, and then I’ll come home to do some danced palmistry with my Montreal community!



The workshop is based around initiating movements from isolated fingers and toes. This will permit us to draft simple parameters for complex physical rewiring and gonzo social experimentation. Alone, with a partner or as a group we’ll play, test and train in the studio-as-laboratory. Everyone will have opportunities to apply the diversity of their experiences to this research. All channels are open. Our hands and feet are weighty with signs of the past and whispers of the future: chiromancy, mudras, Chinese meridians … What physical logic or personal truths do these symbolic systems hold to our physical geography? Might these discoveries help us reshape our ways of being and moving through dances and the world? Those with or without fingers and toes are equally welcome.


Shows in København all week with Megan Walbaum, Valeria Galluccio (happy birthday!), Morgane Le Tiec, Scott McCabe, Paige Culley, Sébastien Cossette-Masse, et Sacha, et Carol Prieur, Tony Chong, Joël Lavoie, Charles CB, et Julian et Jérémie et Jean-Hugues.


Also, teaching a pro workshop at the extraordinary Danse Hallerne space on Monday, February 22, 2016.


Erin, Theo and I perform quiet moves on Friday December 18th, at La Poêle 307 in Montreal. Join us for tea and listening while we revisit Aika, a movement research into patience and attention, inspired by reindeer, wind and many afternoons spent swaying in the grass under the sun testing our limits. Contact me for further details.


In Berlin now, with Soft Virtuosity + Mouvements tomorrow Aug. 19 and Thursday 20th at Haus de Berliner Festspiele for Tanz im August. I must admit, these two pieces hold a lot of power and awe for me; awe-ful; each time I perform them (even just in rehearsal) some layer is peeled back off the tasks, the material, the shapes, and further complexities are exposed to the air. The forms are never still as they first appeared to me, as they first felt in my body. Sensations transform inside the shapes, other x-ray lights saturate through the flesh, and meaning twists aside, just out of reach. Strahlen, writes Mina Loy.

Mina Loy, 1882-1966 Communal Cot Collage of cardboard, paper and rags, 1949

This city bears fruit to me always. I’m brewing new projects with my colleagues — a thing that will nest inside the form of tour-life (a mold that repeats its form, again and again dissimilar. What meaning is held in Saramago’s clay dolls made by hundreds in The Cave?) What lies incarnate and unwritten in the tactile dialogue between two surfaces: skin and other thing? We continue to collect the senses…

– L ?


Nine days until I perform with ERIN FORTIER at Subtle Technologies in Toronto…20150521_180008 (1)
Things are clicking into phase for Erin and I. We are rehearsing often in various sunny places around Montreal. Our conversations flow around notions of The Quantified Self to Jane Bennett’s theories on “vibrant matter” to binaural trance, slowness and Doppler effects. I give my regards to Antonija Livingstone, whose scores I learned last year — they are strongly influencing my creative drive and listening muscles. I nod also to the unfolding of a new creation with Marie Chouinard (the content of that piece, however, is top secret until our première in Stuttgart in June 2015).

Stay tuned, as we plan to re-perform Aika in Montreal the following weekend.

– L


Saturday, May 30th, 2015, 13 h 30


I’m in the process of creating a long-duration dance performance and intervention with Erin Fortier in tandem with the talk TIMES COLLIDE given by ERIN FORTIER, JASON BAERG & JAMES ROLFE.

Erin and I will occupy the hallway and mezzanine of Artscape Youthspace in a man-made landscape. Sculptural elements will stand in for the forces of nature Erin encountered during her research in Finland, which included encounters with a Saami reindeer herder. Using repetitive and minimalistic movements, texture, pause and phasing, she and I will relate ourselves to the active, reactive, and coincidental forces in the room, and the movement of spectators.

Subtle Technologies, Speaker Series
Artscape Youthspace. 180 Shaw Street
$40 (full day, regular) $20 (student/senior/artist)
$20 (half day, regular) $10 (student/senior/artist)


Thursday, April 30th, 2015, 20 h 30

I’ve created two pieces for the RQD’s big birthday bash, one in collaboration with composer Patrick Conan, and another in collaboration with dance critic Fabienne Cabado. Surprises await you!
Doors open at 20 h 30.

Billets en prévente au coût de 10 $ dans trois lieux de danse :

► Regroupement québécois de la danse – Entre 9 h et 16 h 30
3680, rue Jeanne-Mance, bur. 440
► Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique – Entre 9 h et 16 h 30
2022, rue Sherbrooke Est► L’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal  – Entre 8 h 30 et 19 h
Édifice Belgo, 372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, bur. 211
► Billets également en vente à La Tulipe : 12,50 $
La Tulipe, 4530, avenue Papineau




Last summer, I was personally invited by Margie Gillis to participate in a think-tank in Acton Vale. This week-long conversation and workshop was aimed at imagining a long-term project that will “involve a new generation of dance artists in Margie Gillis’ various creation, interpretation, mentoring, and teaching activities in order to ensure her important creative legacy.”

As an admirer of Margie’s verve since I was a young girl (I had a postcard from Torn Roots Broken Branches on my wall throughout high school), it was simply a dream to spend a week at her house in Acton Vale last summer, imagining the possibilities with a team of very fine Canadian and American women of dance.

I am personally extremely keen to be involved with Margie’s work in Conflict Transformation, and eventually to pursue other coaching and mentorship projects with her, as the Legacy Project continues to bloom.

Subscribe to the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation’s mailing list

An official launch to The Legacy Project is in the works for the summer of 2015.

Contact Lucy M. May

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